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About Us

My name is Rachel and I am the maker behind all things Pearl and Bee related. We are a small family run business based in the North East of England. 
I initially began looking into natural skincare when My daughter Pearl was born 3 years ago as she had very sensitive skin. 
I started with body butters and nappy creams, then moved on to wanting to try and make soaps. I loved the idea of cold process soaps as you could hand pick every single ingredient that goes into your recipe and could really personalise your batches.
I chose very rich, moisturising butters and oils to nourish and protect my daughters skin - and I must say the results were amazing!
Fast forward to present time and I am proud to say I offer a wide variety of all natural, skin loving products - each one originally made with my daughter in mind so you can be sure a lot of Love goes into every item.
The term "hand made" is really fitting here as i design, measure, mix, cut, stamp and wrap everything with my own two hands and a lot of time and care goes into my small batches.
Our products are proof that you dont have to compromise on variety(in design or scent) to be natural. Our products contain ZERO chemicals, parabens, sulphates or nasties of any kind. We use only essential oils to fragrance all of our products ( except the luxury beeswax melt range), and the wide array of colours we offer come from completely natural mineral clays, herbs or botanical infusions. 
We are passionate about doing our part to ensure we have as little of a negative impact on our environment as possible. All of our products contain no plastics and are completely eco friendly -  right down to our biodegradable and compostable packaging. Nothing goes to waste in our house and we make sure to use, re-use and recycle everything.

Zero Waste

This is an age old traditional soap making method which uses a mixture of solid and liquid butters and oils, melted, and then combined with Lye (sodium hydroxide + water). This is quite a scary sounding ingredient but once your oils begin to turn into soap ( the soaponification process) the lye is not present at all. The batter is handpoured into moulds and then left for a few days to harden. Once unmoulded it is cut by hand and then cured for at least 4 weeks before they are ready for you to buy. It is well worth the wait as the longer a soap is cured, the gentler the bar, and the longer lasting it is.
It is a legal requirement to obtain Cosmetic Safety Reports for any products sold in the uk. All of our products have been certified - assessed and approved by a chemist to ensure they are safe to use.